Friday, August 29, 2008


I didn't feel like running today, even though I didn't do anything aerobic yesterday. I went to noon power yoga and my legs were tired. I worked late, and thus ate late, and wouldn't have the requisite three hours to digest. But I just told myself to HTFU and started getting my stuff together.

As I was getting ready, Sascha called, having just been run into by an idiot on a department store bike going the wrong way on a one way street. Of course she fell on her drivetrain side and bent the derailleur hanger again. In the end she just has some scratches and bumps, so I bent the derailleur hanger back, told her to HTFU (nicely) and sent her on her way.

In the end I just did two laps around Harriet, my dinner protesting mildly the first lap, and mightily the second (tempo) lap. I was getting annoyed by inconsiderate people around the lakes - stringing dog leashes across the path to trip people, walking four abreast across the path, toddlers without leashes randomly running into people, bikes on pedestrian paths and pedestrians on bike paths, etc. Then I started thinking later that if that's all I have to fear, I have it pretty good compared to most of the people in the world. I'd rather watch for suicide toddlers than IEDs along my path. HTFU.