Wednesday, August 06, 2008

First race of the season

Yes, it's August, and I've completed my first "race" of the season (if you count a week night time trial as a race). I went way out to the wild west for the "T'N'T" time trial series. The idea was something to see where my fitness stands that entailed little risk of crashing. Some of the Black Dog crowd was there, including teammate Trench, Linda and Dan, Timmer apparently although I never saw him (probably because he was going so fast). I rode my best on the completely stock BMC, no clip-ons even, just to compare against Black Dog times from last year. Surprisingly, I did better than my best Black Dog pace: 21.01mph for 11 miles on a rolling, but nicely smooth, course. I am pleased. Of course that's all just early base fitness. Soon it will be time to start working on the intervals. Ugh.