Sunday, August 17, 2008


It's been a while since I've done that! Went for a 52 mile ride today. I was out of Gatorade, but I had a packet of Perpetuem, which promises to be electrolyte and nutrition in one. It had two tall bottles' worth, so I went with that. I felt good, even though heading out there was a brisk headwind from the usual ESE. As I got to Rosemount, though, the wind switched, becoming a brisk tailwind from the west. I was flying past Dakota Tech! As I headed back north I still had another bottle left, so I figured I was set; worst case I'd get some water at the top of the high bridge for the last leg home. The west wind was actually northwest, so it was against me a bit, but not too bad. I ran out of Perpetuem at the top of the high bridge, so I filled up with water and figured it would get me home. Coming in Summit, though, I could feel the engine running out of gas. By the time I crossed the Mississippi I was really bonking! I barely made it home, scraped the dust from the bottom of a Gatorade jar and a Powerade jar enough to make 8 oz., and dragged my sweaty butt to my bed and promptly fell asleep! After waking up all confused as to where I was, my cupboards were bare, but I did find some chicken soup, which was perfect. Still, after hill repeats yesterday, I can barely walk. Hopefully I'm recovered for TNT on Tuesday.