Thursday, June 12, 2008

NVGP St. Paul Lowertown Criterium report round up

Can "epic" be used for a non-cyclocross race? In the end the results from the women's race will not be counted, and the men's race was called after a moto crashed in addition to numerous other crashes. Weather-hardened Minnesota racers managed to survive well though as far as I've heard so far, so congratulations are due for some excellent skills!

Official results - women
Cyclingnews (with pics from Frank Rowe and Matt Moses)
James Lockwood on Bikethrow
Dan Swanson (local racer Grandstay)
Linda Sone (local racer Flanders)
Doug Swanson (local racer Grandstay)
Sue Butler (Portland racer River City)
Ian Stanford (local racer Grandstay)
Jenn Reither (announcer/former racer)
Pete Hanna (local fan/racer)