Saturday, April 12, 2008

Running shoes

Today was looking to be a crappy day for cycling: forecast was for damp and windy conditions, and woke up to snow flurries and the predicted conditions. So after coffee I decided to go for a run, since I needed some aerobic training and haven't done anything but yoga since Wednesday. Got all suited up, went to grab my shoes and... they were still at work, where I use them at the gym. Very annoyed, I decided do some shopping and at least catch an afternoon yoga class. While shopping I noticed some cheap running shoes on sale at Target. Jonesing for some aerobic exercise and being very low on cash, I decided to grab them, since I had just returned some defective sandals anyway. Dropping off some milk for girlfriend's coffee, I casually mentioned my purchase, and she just about flipped out. I suppose I would do the same thing if someone had mentioned she had just bought a bike at Target. So she dug out a coupon from Marathon Sports that she was planning on using herself and hauled my chagrined ass over there. After learning that I don't supinate as I thought, the very helpful salesperson settled on some "neutral" shoes, of which the Pearl Izumi Syncro Float 2 felt the best. Finally went for a late afternoon run, and was actually surprised to notice a different right away. Not sure why I was surprised since I wasn't even using real running shoes before, but I'm not really a runner and I didn't think I would notice much. But they actually made running almost enjoyable, and hopefully better for my creaky bones. I was also told that if I'm going to run at all, I should run at least once or twice a week rather than just whenever the weather's crappy and I have no choice. Since I refuse to use a trainer, I guess I should do that. It will make ramping up for cyclocross season easier for sure.