Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rock Racing at Tuesday Night World's and Tour of Georgia

I first learned bike racing at an even tamer version of Opus, the PIR series at the Portland International Raceway. No corners, no traffic, pro bike racers riding coach and showing us the ropes. An awesome introduction to the sport. ErikV reports that none other than Doug Ollerenshaw showed up to race yesterday. Neat! Jittery Joe's and BMC were also represented. And now Rock Racing has a spot at the Tour of Georgia, not because Michael Ball sued the organizers, but because another team dropped out. I'm surprised they got the spot after that kind of treatment. I'm sure other race organizers will remember how Ball has been treating them so far. That's too bad - from Ollerenshaw's blog he seems like a nice guy, like Tyler Hamilton, doping or no.