Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pacer commuter coming along

The Surly Pacer is being reincarnated yet again. This frame is so versatile! It started out as my only geared road bike and got me started road racing. Believe it or not, I won a couple races on this tank! Then it became my Cycle Oregon bike. Perfect plush ride for long days in the saddle. Then it got kicked to the curb for a while when I got the Basso racing bike. I cleaned it up here after its near death from salt exposure and subsequent neglect. Then it became a parts donor for road and cyclocross racing. Now it's going to be my commuter. New fenders, derailleur, overhauled down to the frame and rebuilt. Still needs bar tape, saddle, finish dialing in the shifting and headset, and it's good to go. Just in time to commute after Hell Week to maintain base fitness.