Sunday, February 24, 2008

First long(ish) ride of the season

This is the kind of day that brings Minnesotans out in droves. Funny how your perspective changes! I used to consider temps in the 30s cold. Now I'm back to a Minnesota frame of mind. Did a slightly abbreviated Rosemount loop, not quite 50 miles. I'd headed out optimistically wearing a wind vest, but turned back after heading into the south wind and got a full nylon windbreaker, which ended up being perfect. Three Gus, two Gatorades, a chocolate croissant and a mocha fueled my ride. I should work on that nutrition thing. It was a good ride. Saw a lot of people out riding and running near the city, but out in suburban sprawlsville I didn't see anyone. Coming back I saw people headed out, so maybe people were riding in the later afternoon when it was warmer (I left close to noon). My bike is white from salt. Time to clean it.