Sunday, February 10, 2008

Epic mustache ride!

Wow. -30 windchills, and my crazy team forges ahead with the "Who Wants a Mustache Ride"! We met up at Freewheel, warmed up with a nip of whiskey and rolled over the river to northeast. The biting wind was in our faces on the way out, but we hopped from warm bar to warm bar, never out in the cold for long enough to kill anyone! The highlight of the evening was probably polishing off too many "Das Boot" glasses to count at Gasthof. The rule is that the person that hands the glass boot to the person that finishes it off has to buy the next one ($40!). If you get handed the boot with enough beer in it to possibly finish, you better finish it or you're stuck buying the next one! Maybe we can't compete on our bikes, but we sure can compete when it comes to drinking beer! This proved to be the undoing of a couple of teammates who timed their "sprints" wrong, and the beer really hit after we rolled back across the river in the now ultra-freezing temperatures and winds (fortunately the wind was at our backs on the way back) to the Town Hall. Even in our inebriated states we were somehow able to make sure everyone made it home safely. After hitting the sack in the early hours of the morning, I had to roll out of bed to set up our table for the Bike Swap in Blaine! Ugh. Fortunately the Bike Swap was a success for, with those of us donating stuff to the cause raising at least $300 for our upcoming State Fair Crit Series! Thanks to everyone that bought or stuff, and major props to everyone that rolled with us last night!

Invisible tater tot, Skidsy ready for next year's "Who Wants a Unibrow Ride?"
Cuban's eventual undoing
Chicks with mustaches - that's hot!
T3 splashes - drink again!
Official Cat 6 beer drinking champion - SpecQ!
Bike tangle in arctic wind!
One way to keep warm: battery heated insoles!