Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nerd humor

(8:31:14 AM) fsgray1969: I could be typing into the ether
(8:31:30 AM) fsgray1969: Where do all those bits and bytes go anyway?
(8:32:08 AM) fsgray1969: I mean really, when a router drops a packet, where does it go? Is there a big pile of packets underneath the router?
(8:32:20 AM) fsgray1969: Someone sweeps them up every once in a while?
(8:32:22 AM) fearless_chk: yes
(8:32:26 AM) fsgray1969: Do they get recycled?
(8:32:29 AM) fearless_chk: haven't you ever had to sweep around one of those things?
(8:32:41 AM) fsgray1969: The only thing under my router is cat hair
(8:32:50 AM) fearless_chk: that's what packets look like
(8:32:55 AM) fsgray1969: Oh I see