Thursday, January 03, 2008

Andreu leaves Rock Racing

The only surprise is he lasted as long as he did there. Who'd want to work with Michael Ball? Fcuk* them. Frankie has talent and deserves better than what he got at both Rock Racing and Toyota United. At Toyota United he put together the ass-kickingest domestic squad and got the shaft for telling the truth. Chris Horner was smart to stay away. I wish Frankie luck.

*Smithers blog is retired, but as background here's a snippet from an earlier post:

I heard a story about those Rock Racing guys. There was a group at the race venue promoting a youth cycling rodeo where a bunch of kids were riding bikes around road cones and having fun. The Rock guys showed up and moved all the cones out of the way so they could park their team SUV and Lamborghini next to the course. So much for the kids.

When someone asked them about it the response from the team was an enthusiastic Fuck You.

Ball has made clear his intentions of building his domestic squad into a Tour de France-caliber team, telling VeloNews earlier this year, “I want a yellow jersey on my wall.”

Fuck you.