Sunday, December 23, 2007

Smart spider

So I was taking a shower the other day when I noticed a spider in the tub. Normally I let the water run from the faucet before I switch over to the shower, so the water in the tub was creeping toward the oblivious spider. As the water got up to it, it moved away and onto the shower curtain. The I switched over to the shower head, which caused the spider to run around trying to avoid water spray from above as well as water pooling in the tub below. It ran toward the end of the tub but figured out that it didn't matter. At this point, the spider was panicking and running all around.

Somehow, the spider demonstrated this amazing (to me) bit of mental acuity: it somehow realized that if it were to go toward the danger of the water pooling in the tub and crawl onto the backside of the shower curtain, it would be safe. It clearly made this realization while it was still fairly high on the shower curtain, as it made a beeline toward the bottom of the curtain and the perilously close swirling water in the tub, crawled under the lip of the shower curtain and then straight back up on the back side of it. It really amazed me how this spider not only figured this out, but also crawled toward danger in order to escape from it! This is minor mental leap even for humans (and too much even for some)!

Clever little spider. I wish it well and many evolutionarily-advanced offspring - in someone else's house.