Friday, December 14, 2007

KC 'Cross Nationals

The ice storm that covered KC in layers of sparlkly ice changed the course from 'cyclocrit' to epic. During the course of our race the course went from frozen to mud and made of a different course every lap. In spite of signing up the first day I started about 2/3 of the way back. I felt really good the first lap or so, but after that I settled into a pace that I could sustain for another 40 minutes, which meant that I slowly drifted back and settled into my level. At that point it was leapfrog with a few riders to keep me motivated. The course flowed well, had some tricky turns, two pretty mild runups right after each other and some off camber that went from rideable to not rideable as it thawed. I enjoyed the course, and racing in snow and mud made it pretty sweet. My long-suffering girlfriend saved the day with her laptop and cellular card, as I was silly enough to think that being pre-registered took care of everything including my racing licese number. She also scored a sweet hotel with hotel points at a Hyatt Place. We ran into Crossniac CJ at a gas station on the way down! Turns out he decided to race at the last minute, and spent the race battling up from the back. He was the only other Minnesotan in the 30-39 B race, but fellow bloggers Renee and Dave were there, and probably people will be doing the races that count this weekend. Corey Coogan took 5th in the women's B race. Good luck to all this weekend!