Monday, November 26, 2007

The death of our sport? -Rant-

I haven't verified this, but I read in the print version of Cyclocross Magazine that the UCI is looking to ban run-ups (Fall '07 issue p. 19). WTF? Euro cyclocross races have gotten so far away from the roots of the sport it's not funny. Paying to watch races? Indoor races? No beer hand-ups or hand-ups at all? Ever faster and more crit-like races each year?

I must admit I do appreciate some of the UCI rules, namely the encouragement of natural barriers, wide and long starts to allow things to sort out safely before constricting, and even the banning of disc brakes. But banning run-ups? Fcuk that! Cyclocross started in Europe, and it seems like the only place where it resembles its hard-core roots anymore is in America. It's only right that the US should be hosting World's shortly - and with runups! Because we're true to the sport. In the meantime, keep it real Minnesota: after a hard race people may complain about runups, mud, stairs, whatever, but we love it and that's what makes cyclocross the sport that it is! Keep it epic and leave the golf course races to the euro-pansies! /rant