Friday, November 16, 2007


I've been called pretentious for choosing the Blogger account name of CXSteven. As Frye correctly surmised, it was simply of case of having to choose an account name when creating a blog and, since I love cyclocross and the blog was primarily about cyclocross, CXSteven made sense. Well the Cyclocross Rider of the Year results are out, and now I have the results to back up the name too.

That's right b!tches, I'm #1. First in my category, and second out of all the 'cross racers in Minnesota. Don't see it? Well, the spreadsheet wasn't sorted quite right. Sort on the column labelled 'Races Compl' and you'll see. 13 races (12 in B1, one in A3). In spite of voluntarily upgrading to the Bs this year and getting my @ss handed to me each race, I came back for more every time. Two races a week when possible. Getting muddy. Working hard. Having fun.

That's how much I love this crazy sport, and that's why I'm CXSteven.