Sunday, October 28, 2007

Red Barn race report

The Red Barn race featured a costume contest and a tour through budding Christmas trees punctuated by a steep descent and an equally steep runup each lap. A couple sets of barriers and some hairpin turns jazzed it up. I was really hoping people would lighten up and wear more costumes this year, but alas, it wasn't to be. Some of the people who did wear costumes:

The pirateThe hula girlFairyReal men wear pinkMargot the teddy bear (she didn't race in it, but it was cute!)The witchLynne the cop (no passing zone!)SUPER Super Rookie, demonstrating his flawless right-side runup techniqueDan 'Red Lantern' Cleary, wearing more than some Cross Crusaders

I didn't get pictures from my own race, of course, even though I busted a spoke. Shout out to Freewheel, by the way, for having a black bladed spoke of the right size in stock so I could race on Sunday! LGR Fil was rocking an awesome 'Reno 911' cop uniform and Linda Sone was sporting a 'rastafarian hippie Elvis' costume in my race! Excuse heard for not having some fun and wearing a costume: I can't be serious about racing and wear a costume! First of all, having fun is strictly allowed in cyclocross racing. Second: this guy can kick your ass while wearing a costume and still drink you under the table. Linda Sone won the B3 race in her costume. A little creativity allows for a costume that doesn't get in the way of your racing.

My costume was a barista. I was going to try for a poofter costume, but too many people wouldn't get it. I was thinking of having Sascha hand up beer with a lemon in it for effect even, but it would still be lost on most, so I went with the barista (Caribou apron, regulation black shirt and a coffee cup 'balanced' on my head). If anyone got pictures let me know! Fil and Linda's costumes were better though, and they took the B race contest.