Sunday, October 07, 2007

Lake Rebecca race report

Well I lied about doing two races. Rather than lollygag through two races, I thought I'd see if I could have a go at the B race, even though this is my least favorite course, and extremely warm and muggy conditions were even more to my disadvantage. But by the time I lined up for the start, it was already like 8 rows deep. I pushed my way up to around 5th row, but the race is over before it begins with that kind of position, at least for me. There's an almost immediate tight 180 turn which bunches everyone up tremendously. The rest of the race is a non-technical anaerobic suffer fest, with one run-up and one ride-up, both preceded by barriers, and single- and doubletrack and some gravel road for the rest. Like last year, a good race for the roadies and the fit, neither of which apply to me!

Nevertheless, I had fun. During the C race I cheered on Steve, Ray and Lynne. Steve rode a great race again, scoring 17th overall in his second race ever. Ray had a good time, and Lynne was having fun giving race reports every lap!

In the B race, I moved up a few spots during the first lap, then did the drift for the rest of the race. I'd forgotten my jersey, so I was racing in a cotton T shirt, which made the warm muggy day even worse! I think the camo look really works for cyclocross though - and it's time to redo our kits this year. Hmmmm. Thanks to Steve for handing up Gatorade every lap - it was truly needed for this race! By the end of the race I was pretty close to DFL, and got lapped by the race leaders at the last moment, and I was happy not to have to go another lap! The pure lactate threshold effort toasted me, but it's awesome training. It was neat being cheered on at various points in the race, with Gilby and Sickboy at the brutal runup, and a few others giving words of encouragement as they flew past me or watched from other vantage points!

Next week, two of my favorite races: Spirit Mountain in Duluth and Boom Boom downtown!