Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Track class #3, SRR babble

A brave Neil showed up all bandaged for track class yesterday, and his wounds from the State Road Race crash were well-protected from potential slivers. This is good because on the agenda was some bumping practice on the infield! We did some pacelining, aforementioned bumping, and some standing starts. The latter was the most useful to me, and I could imagine this being an excellent way to get some power into my skinny legs. Of course it's not necessary to go to Blaine for this, but having a fixed gear sure helps!

Chatting with Frye and Neil I was happy to learn I wasn't the only one suffering cramping during the race and sore legs two days afterward. I'm also happy I stayed near the front during the race and got dropped before the chaotic finishing leg so that I can race another day. Sounds like the poor fellow that broke his collarbone was doing his second race ever and probably his last. Can't say I can blame him with an intro like that. Why do we do this crazy, expensive, sometimes dangerous sport again?