Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I-35W collapse

We were just heading out on our Wednesday team ride when a distraught motorist told us that the 35W bridge over the Mississippi had just collapsed. This would be during the height of rush hour, so it would be truly disastrous. The rest of the team headed over there. I had mixed feelings: I don't like to gawk at disasters. But I thought perhaps we could help since it had just happened. We went back, and the reality of the situation was enormous. Emergency vehicles were just arriving and the scene was being taped and roadblocked off, so there wasn't much we could do. Brett made the small but significant gesture in these kinds of situations of offering a water bottle to a distraught man who had made it off the bridge, which he accepted.
People were visibly shaken. So far only three people are confirmed dead, and I hope it doesn't become more. Eventually we continued our ride, but I made the mistake again of eating too soon before the ride, and with the 95 degree heat I couldn't keep up.