Saturday, July 21, 2007

Superweek and Milwaukee: Day 1

The gods have been conspiring against me this weekend. First, we got a flat somewhere between Madison and Milwaukee, which meant changing the driver's side wheel while semis roared past. And THEN a massive traffic jam turned I-94 into a parking lot - literally! News helicopters hovered overhead, so apparently it was big news. We were able to use a cellular card to find an alternate route while everyone else stood around on the highway - suckas! This put us into Racine just in time to pick up Sascha's packet for her triathlon. And THEN while trying to watch the Tour stage that we'd recorded this morning, my VCR broke! And THEN, during my race today, I torqued my FSA race wheel out of the dropout AGAIN - just like in Northfield at the State Crit! And THEN, unlike in Northfield, they wouldn't give me a free lap because it technically wasn't a 'mechanical' but rather a 'misadjustment'!

I let the pack catch me anyway and just latched on, determined to at least get a good workout out in. Eventually I fell back through the field into the 'grupetto' and finally got shed from that. This is a pretty high caliber of racing here at the International Cycling Classic (Superweek).

So THEN, trying to find a VCR, I went first to find the Circuit City in Brookfield that I used to work at back in the day, only find that it didn't exist anymore. Stopped at the south side CC to find that they don't sell VCRs anymore! Went across the street to Best Buy, and again the same story. They suggested a Wal-Mart or K-mart, so I found one and it turns out that you can only get VCR/DVD players, which don't have tuners anymore, so you can't record now! Shows how long it's been since I've cared about consumer electronics.

Anyway, tomorrow is the Evanston crit. Hopefully my wheel stays on.