Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hollywood circuit race

I was actually feeling really good for this race, but the heat acted like a governor on a motor that wanted to do more. Not really sure what more I can do about that - I'm a pale skinny white boy, so I'm not cut out for this. I did notice maybe 20 minutes after the race that I was suddenly very thirsty, so maybe I'm not forcing enough Gatorade down my gullet? I drank a whole bottle before the race. Maybe I'll experiment with that, but the sloshy stomach syndrome doesn't work well either! I was bad on the first lap and tried to move up just before the 180 degree turn. I realized it was a bad move, backed off and apologized profusely, but I got rightly yelled at for it. The rest of the race played out at a pretty leisurely pace - perhaps others were feeling the heat too. A break got away and no one really organized to catch them. I finished with the field and that was that. Tonight is my first Black Dog this year. Hopefully I'll do better since I'll be below LT the whole race.