Friday, April 06, 2007

Thanksgiving in April

Periodically I pause to realize how fortunate I am and to put things in perspective. This morning was one of those moments. As I was heading back to my warm car with my fancy espresso drink, I passed what were most likely day laborers huddled for warmth against the chilly wind at the bus stop. I felt a little guilty, having the luxury of expensive foofy coffee while driving (yes, no bike commute today) to my job with good benefits. These guys may or may not have any kind of benefits, may or may not be treated well at whatever jobs they were going to, may or may not even be working 'legally', might have families to feed on whatever they made that day. I can't even congratulate myself too much on working hard to get where I am, since I had the benefit of a stable middle class family that was able to help with college expenses, plus scholarships, which is also a luxury. True, there are resources in America for everyone, but life can be a whole lot harder for some than for others depending on the situation you're born into. For that reason it's always good to appreciate whatever you have and whatever you've earned, and to give something back to the next guy.