Monday, April 02, 2007

A Portland kind of day

Sunday was cool and wet, but since I hadn't ridden on Saturday, I was going to ride Sunday no matter what, and a little sogginess doesn't faze me. It wasn't even raining, so I figured tights, arm warmers, capilene, jersey, wind vest, headband, light gloves with liners and shoe covers would be fine. And it was, for about 30 miles of the 53 mile Rosemount loop I do for distance. But after that, the feet got damp, the gloves got damp, the wind kicked up and started coming from the west on the way home. Things started getting a little scary, but never quite so much that real hypothermia would have set in. Still, the fun had worn off at about 40 miles, and I still had 12 miles to get back home. Thoughts of a hot bath keep me pushing on.
__Don't you hate it when you finally get home, and all you want is to pee and jump in the tub, and you still have to struggle with trying to fish out the keys buried in with the other junk in your pocket, with frozen fingers and wet clothes, just inches from being inside yet spending minutes futzing around with your gear? Grrr.
__In other news, the condo's still full of boxes and stuff half put away, refrigerator finally came in but needs to be levelled, dishwasher still isn't secured, the stove finally works and there are various other little things to take care of. Nevertheless, I LOVE it, and the kitchen is the awesomest ever. It's open to the dining room and on into the living room, so it's begging for some kind of housewarming party. Maybe a wine or beer tasting/housewarming party?