Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Opus 1

I missed out on Opus last year because I'd just moved here and I was afraid of crits. Turns out I needn't have been - Opus is a lot like the novice circuit races I'd done in Portland. Gentle curves, manageable field size, nothing too tough. I raced the Frankenbike while the BMC is getting built up at Freewheel: the cyclocross bike with road tires and 53 tooth outer chainring. It worked out well enough for this race; I'd feel better with a true race bike if there were actual corners though. I managed to stay near the front for half the race, then after trying to bridge to a group that got off the front (and pulling the chase group with me!), I stayed with the chase group for the rest of the race. Much better than getting dropped and pulled like last year!
__Steve hung with the Cat4 pack. Morgan did not. Owen represented well in the 1-2-3 race. Skidsy did not, but managed to look good from the sidelines. 'We don't want to race, we just want to be racers!'
__Ray managed to get some pics:

'Cat5 Cat6ers boasting of their exploits after the race'

'Oh yeah? You wanna piece of me?'