Saturday, February 24, 2007

Spring training

The Basso is going to Texas!The weather cooperated last week and I was able to bike to work every day last week except Friday, when I worked from home fearing the snowfall in the afternoon. I'd like to say I would have biked even if my car weren't still in the shop, but really it helped push my to get off my ass and get some miles in before spring training. Said ass is feeling it too! Looks like the votes are for the Basso in a landslide. I'll be flying! Or not. I'll taking the training wheels and tires for sure, though, to take the edge off and prevent flats. After that I'll be moving, so it's going to be a busy few weeks coming up.
__So Smithers posted about some of Bachmann's blathering, which reminded me of how much she annoys me, and how frustrating it is that someone like that can be elected, even in Minnesota! Apparently others agree, because the Strib this morning reports that the public pressure has forced her to try to 'clarify' her ignorant position. She's the next Bolton on my list of politicians to really tick me off. Hopefully she meets the same fate soon.