Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Got the bonk

I bonked riding home from work yesterday. I guess one packet of Gu isn't enough when all you've had for 2nd lunch is the appetite suppressant called coffee. Normally I don't concern myself too much with nutrition when I'm 'just' riding to/from work, but it's still a 19 mile ride. Visions of a donut and a warm leather chair at Anodyne kept me going. Strangely, this morning I felt like a million bucks going in to work. Must have really reloaded the glycogen stores overnight. Plus the wind is generally at my back going in to work (which means a headwind coming home, which was pretty stiff yesterday). The Pacer has been up to the task, taking urban abuse and getting me to work in plush, retro style. It will get a well deserved cleaning this weekend.