Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Car, camera

Finally got my car back today. This makes it three weeks without a car. Let's face it, life's a lot easier in the Land of 10,000 Suburbs with a car. Especially if you work in one of them. And I have to say, I missed that boxer engine rumble!
Got a new camera today. My cheap digital camera was acting up, so I started looking around. The camera started working again, but it was too late. I've always wanted a digital SLR, and I've been watching the prices come down. Still too much, but now there are cameras that are not SLRs, but give you most of the benefits of them, and Canon's S2 was very well rated. Because the S3 is out now, they're also very affordable while they're still available. So I snapped one up (pun intended). I feel guilty about this little extravagance, but knowing me I'd kick myself later if I didn't get it.