Friday, January 19, 2007

Movie review: Little Children

Little Children is another one of those movies about discontent in suburbia. They're pretty popular because so many people can identify with them. I like them out of schadenfreude. Besides, this one had Jennifer Connelly in it. There's also a plot about a sexual predator intertwined. Everyone will get something different out of this movie because it's a pretty sophisticated look at human nature, but what struck me while watching the movie was how everyone needs to have someone who believes in him/her. This is a basic human need, like food and water, and we will go to great lengths to get it, and without it, we die - literally or figuratively. This theme unites the two seeminly disparate plots about the sexual predator and the discontent married with children suburbanites who have an affair. It's a good movie, emotionally powerful (maybe even overwhelming for some) and thought-provoking. Not a movie for light escapism though.