Friday, January 19, 2007

Hola amigos!

Been busy condo shopping and helping Lynne with poor Gremlin and Squeaker. Pretty much wasting away off the bike and out of the gym lately, but life (and snow) happens. Once I find a place, then it will be moving time. So I know you were all worried, but you can relax and have no fear of me during the spring classics. That's okay, I peak for cyclocross season anyway. Besides, someone's got to be pack fill. __Kudos to the House Democrats for a successful 100 hour agenda! I think more positive work got done in 100 hours than the entire last congress!
__People are saying the Democrats are complaining about the Iraq war, but have no plan themselves. I'll tell you the plan: implement the suggestions of the Iraq Study Group. There's an unbiased, intelligent, non-politically motivated plan right there. Certainly better than more of the same intensified! Escalating the bloodshed and violence is simply criminal. Wonder how things would play out if Jenna and Barbara were serving in Iraq instead of following in daddy's footsteps.