Sunday, January 21, 2007


Some thoughts on blogging. When I first got a blog on Livejournal, I used it as a real 'journal' - posting personal information, thoughts, etc., but it felt strange posting that online, and I never really kept up with it. It seems blogging has evolved pretty quickly into a medium for social networking, hence the rise of the Myspaces and Facebooks. This model has worked well moving to a new city, allowing me a way to to get to know people that otherwise would have been more difficult. But knowing that a blog is out there for all to see, a 'permanent record' so to speak, I don't post anything too personal. Actually my political rants can get a bit personal, but still. I think that's best, even though I'm often very tempted to post stuff that could be cathartic to get off of my chest.
__Maybe it's a guy thing; being loathe to talk about my feelings in general, posting online could be a good way to talk about stuff without the awkwardness of talking in person, plus it's easier to formulate thoughts on (electronic) paper. Often the very act of formulating thoughts into coherent English allows a new perspective or even a resolution. But even so, it's still in the public domain. But just because I don't post personal stuff online doesn't mean I don't have personal thoughts and feelings and vulnerabilities; you're just not going to see them here.