Sunday, December 10, 2006

Knee pain, Christmas tree, non-racing weekend

Well this was my second non-racing weekend. Sleeping in and getting stuff done around the house has been a welcome change of pace. Friday night Lynne and I were going to meet up with Fil and Ray-Ray, but Ray-Ray had to work late. We went to the St. Paul Grill anyway and had a couple of drinks and checked out the skating rink and lights at Rice Park. I still like St. Paul a lot.
__Lynne went for a ride with the women's group on Saturday morning, but needed a lot of encouragement. Somehow it was my fault she had to get up so early, she won't be able to keep up with them because they're all racers, she'll get lost when she gets dropped, her bike isn't ready, blah blah blah. Of course she did fine considering she was out riding with the who's who of women's racing in Minnesota and had a good time chatting and enjoying the weather. I knew this would be the case, but try convincing someone that would rather be in bed...
__Of course my team was busy shopping or something, so I slept in, went for coffee and leisurely got ready to ride as the day got even warmer. This time I was dressed almost perfectly for the weather (if anything I was a bit too warm), and was looking forward to a long ride. About halfway into my version of Smithers' Rosemount loop my left knee started hurting, which it hadn't done since five days into Cycle Oregon (which consisted of 70 mile days with thousands of feet of climbing). It got progressively worse so I had to limp home. This was disconcerting because I hadn't had any significant knee problems all summer, and I hadn't changed to fit of the racing bike at all. True, I hadn't been on the bike for more than 45 minutes in months, and the cyclocross bike is necessarily set up a bit differently (although I try to get it as close to my other bikes possible). I'm trying to remember if pain on the outside of the knee means my saddle is to high, too low or what. Anyone know the rules of thumb regarding knee pain and saddle position?
__Saturday night we went to a party at a coworker's house. Fortunately I didn't have to wear a tie. Before we left Tuffy happily dropped off a bunch of materials. After voyaging all the way out to Plymouth, we hung out for a while, but eventually it was time to move on when they started getting into the karaoke machine... They had quite the setup; catered by a family friend, bar in the basement, etc.
__Sunday turned out to be even warmer than Saturday, but after getting coffee in a favorite Uptown cafe, it was time to get a Christmas tree and all that. It was kind of fun, especially since it's all pretty new to Lynne, who grew up Jewish and had never gotten a real Christmas tree and all the decorations and stuff. After that I took off the bike rack, a symbolic end to the racing season, and washed and waxed the car for winter. It was a little sad actually, taking the rack off.
__Overall a productive but low-key weekend.