Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Why don't they just execute him?

Judge: Market crash driver too ill for prison Now that the sentence has been handed down, details from the case have emerged. If you'll remember, this was the old man who plowed into a farmer's market, injuring 70 people and killing 10. Initially people could be sympathetic, thinking that he was too feeble to be driving and blaming the DMV for allowing him a license. As it turns out

The judge noted that Weller had enough control of his vehicle to avoid cars and trucks within the farmers market.

"Mr. Weller chose to steer into the people, plowing into the crowd and literally launching bodies into the air as his car sped 2 1/2 blocks," the judge said. The judge also called Weller's apologies hollow.

Noting that he's too sick to go to jail, he's been let off with probation. WTF? Homicide of 10 people and injuries to 70 sounds like the death penalty to me, which is legal in California I believe.