Wednesday, November 01, 2006

2 cool 4 u?

Okay, WTF is it with costumes? First almost no one shows up to the Halloween race at Taylors Falls in a costume, and then trick-or-treaters show up with no attempt at a costume expecting treats. I remember as a middle-schooler being too cool for trick-or-treating, so I didn't go. But other than that phase, getting dressed up for Halloween has always been so much fun, especially as adults! So why is it different here? Are people, especially the men, too cool to get dressed up? Are they still mentally in middle school (the frequent use of the word 'douche-bag' and its various misspellings would lend credence to that)? Or are people just waaaaaaaaay too buttoned up because of the cold winters? I don't remember it being that way when I was growing up in Cottage Grove and Rochester, or even college in Milwaukee. Maybe more social lubrication is needed?