Thursday, October 12, 2006


Ah yes, wonderful snow. That magical stuff that has the power to bring back memories of midwest Christmases past, to cover all the trash and grit with a layer of bright, fluffy purity. I love how it brightens the day and brings a spooky, silent glow to the night. It's part of the reason for moving back to the midwest. Oh sure, people say I'll tire of it eventually, but growing up in the midwest, I never did. Okay, it's just a few flurries, but it's exciting anyway. My fellow Cat6ers, Lynne and I will be racing in Duluth on Saturday, and it sounds like there may be some accumulation up there. By Saturday it should be mild again though. In any event, I'm looking forward to a venue like Rum River where the promoters have been excited about their race and putting a lot of planning and effort into it. They announced the race and set up pre-registration even before the beginning of the CX season. Lynne and I will be going up tomorrow and exploring Duluth. Should be another nice weekend of experiencing Minnesota and getting in a good workout!