Monday, October 23, 2006

Rah Rah Rochester!

Can you think of a more pathetic slogan? Anyway, it's been 20 years since I've lived in Rochester, but I was surprised by how little had changed. Of course one's perspective as a non-driving teenager is quite a bit different, but all of the landmarks I was familiar with had not changed. The house we lived in, the schools I went to, the rec center, the general downtown layout, although I did notice at least one new tall building. So anyway, dropped Lynne off for her morning appointments and went exploring. Got some corn to feed the geese later, since I couldn't think of anything more interesting to show her in the time we had. Met her in the afternoon to be with her for some consultations, since I'm the cook in the family.
__There was good news and bad - the good news was it seemed like she's been following her gluten-free diet very well. The bad news is, well, since she's been following it well and she's still symptomatic, there might be other, more insidious causes. We'll know more later in the week. Fortunately she is seeing one of the best doctors in the country, if not the best. It was great hearing him call one of her doctors in Portland, from whom she'd been trying in vain to get some records, and say the words 'Mayo clinic' and have them jump right on getting the records and slides sent!
__Not much more to report at this point. The drive was shorter than I expected, so she'll probably be heading down there again later in the week for a follow-up, and should be able to save the cost of another hotel stay. A shout out to Velo Rochester is in order, I've seen some skilled 'crossers come out for several races, and they host the Oxbow race that I'm looking forward to next year.