Saturday, October 28, 2006

Race report: Taylors Falls Halloween race, Shortbus

So Lynne and I dressed up for this race, Lynne as Little Miss Muffet and me as a doctor. Most everyone else showed up dressed as their favorite local racer, i.e. not at all. A very few people did dress up, including Super Rookie, Skibby, Dan Cleary and a very few others. I have to say, after racing in the race last year in the video below, this was pretty lame. On the other hand, this was the first year the Taylors Falls race featured a costume contest, so maybe people will lighten up and have fun next year. Props to the Gopher Wheelmen (and women) for trying something new! Lynne even won the costume contest, snagging a sweet Park Tool bottle opener and a microfiber T-shirt.
__The course was held at a tree farm, so it basically snaked its way around the grass between the trees, and featured two sets of barriers and one short run-up. Nothing technical and not a particularly interesting course, alas, and certainly one favoring the roadies. Needless to say I didn't do too well, but it was great hearing people cheer for me because I was in costume. I knew during the warm up that I wasn't feeling it, and the race confirmed that. Usually I do better the second day, especially when I haven't done anything during the week, so we'll see tomorrow.
__Anyway, enough whining. We stuck around for the B and A races, chatted quite a bit with people, drank some beer (thanks Summit!) and had a nice afternoon. Anyone know what the deal was with Arik getting DQed for the bike swap with Hollywood? After we got home and rested a bit we saw Shortbus at the Lagoon. It was fun and engaging to watch, but nothing too deep (pun not intended). Kind of what you'd expect from the writer/director of the classic Hedwig, but not nearly as campy.