Thursday, October 05, 2006

My setup

For those that care about the techie stuff, here's my setup. The bike is a 2001 Trek XO1, which originally came with Sora components, bar-end shifters and Matrix wheels. About the only thing that's left of that is the frameset, Avid Shorty 4 calipers (pads were upgraded to cartidge pads, which is the only difference between the Shorty 4 and Shorty 6s other than the color) and front derailleur (Shimano RSX). Various upgrades from Ebay, closeouts and wherever else I could get a good deal:
Shimano 8 speed STIs (not the cheap Sora STIs)
Shimano 105 Octalink cranks and bottom bracket (stiffer and lighter)
FSA 38-48 alloy chainrings
Shimano 105 rear derailleur (less flexy than stamped Sora)
SRAM 12-26 8 speed cassette and chain (lighter and can be taken apart for cleaning)
Salsa Short 'n Shallow 44cm bars (same bars I use on all my bikes)
Kalloy seatpost (no setback for my short femurs)
Kalloy 110mm stem (for my long torso)
Velo saddle (lighter and cheaper, since they take a beating)
Cane Creek S2 headset (I know I know, next time I'll get Chris King)
Crank Bros. Eggbeater pedals (experimenting - not sure if I like them and the courses are not muddy enough here to be totally necessary)
Neuvation wheels with Performance stickers which I removed (not the Ritcheys in the picture which I'd borrowed from Lynne last season)
Ritchey Speedmax Cross 32c tires for MN grassy conditions & training
Continental Twister 32c tires for muddy conditions
So, that's my setup. I have the cockpit set nearly the same as my racing and commuting/ charity ride bikes, so that transition is easy. I stuck with the 8 speed setup for low maintenance and reliability. The frame is light and made in USA, so I don't see a need to upgrade. If it's good enough for Katie Compton, it's good enough for me. The fork is next for upgrades though - I'm thinking Easton SC90X when I win the lottery...