Thursday, September 14, 2006

Technique oddity - Wednesday clinics

Well this is interesting. Most of what I learned (or reinforced) at the clinic on Sunday was opposite of what they're teaching at the Wednesday clinic series. In Portland and from the top racers that taught on Sunday, we learned the step-through method of dismounting, in which you stay clipped in on the left pedal. The 'Cycle-Smart' method they're teaching on Wednesdays has you unclip on the left side, then unclip and swing the right leg around the outside (while you're unclipped mind you) and do the 'stutter-step' dismount. They didn't get too much into that yesterday as the method teaches the remount first, which makes some sense. However Bjorn Selander, and top local junior CXer here, does that, and some 'cross videos from the Northeast show riders doing that. Apparently it doesn't get as muddy and wet here and the Northeast as it does in the Northwest, because balancing your whole body weight on one unclipped, wet, muddy pedal on rough terrain seems like disaster to me. Also interesting is that they rightly preached the awkwardness, lost time and fluidity of the 'stutter-step' on remount, yet the dismount uses a stutter-step. Well, I'll give it a fair try next Wednesday, but I think I'll be sticking with the step-through for dismounts. I'm using Eggbeaters by the way, but I still have my SPDs. Any opinions on the different techniques?