Sunday, September 10, 2006

First cross practice

Oh how quickly we forget. The pain. Wanting to throw up. Pedals on shins. Running up that hill. The sweet agony. Remind my why I like 'cross so much? Oh yeah, because it feels so good when it's over!
__Morgan and I headed out for the first 'cross practice of the season. Props to Hollywood Cycles and Silver Cycling for putting together a super 'cross clinic today. Very well done - I learned a few things and got in a great workout. I like the format here of learning skills and then a race afterward to practice in a real 'cross situation. Very effective. With racing on Saturdays and Sundays and the practices on Wednesdays, I'm going to be hobbling around the rest of the week!
__Morgan's Alan built up nicely, and he's going to be kicking some ass this season if he doesn't break anything else. All of my upgrades have made the Trek noticeably lighter and faster too. Doesn't make up for lack of fitness and skills though. By the time the race was over, though, the barriers were less of an obstacle and I felt smoother. It's always great to see good CXers in action - there are some talented people here, real poetry in motion. There weren't a lot of women, though, sadly, but there were some newbies which bodes well for the future. Hopefully once 'cross catches on here more we'll see more women getting out there! On the other hand, the Midwest Women's Cycling Made Real initiative looks to have been a success - maybe next year they'll carry that over into 'cross as well.
__Lynne did her first 'cross practice with Birchwood on Tuesday. She's still hobbling, and has a little skin missing. She's worried the 'cross scene here won't be as fun or female-friendly as Portland, but I things are shaping up well. The Wednesday clinics seem well organized, with plenty of beer drinking in store for afterwards, and it looks like there will be a costume contest for one of the races near Halloween. I think it will be a good season. Two races per weekend is a good testament to the popularity of 'cross here!