Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Alan clinics

I want to thank the folks at Alan for organizing the Wednesday cyclocross clinics. Although there are different opinions on teaching methods and techniques, I think the most valuable part is the social aspect. It's a chance for 'crossers and newbies to get together, practice, learn, train and socialize. The open house afterward is a great idea. Although I only made it to the first one, hopefully more people are stopping over afterward for good beer and socializing. That's all a big part of what makes 'cross so appealing: a more laid back atmosphere than the roadie ego fest.
So Josh, a fellow Cat6er and Freewheel employee snagged the gorgeous Rocky Mountain 'cross bike I'd been drooling over every time I stopped in the store. He showed up at the clinic on it, fresh from the store today on its maiden ride, all shiny and new. Said he needed something to do this fall... I'm so jealous. Not to dis my Trek XO of course.